En Pointe offers a variety of classes in several dance genres.  

Creative Movement is a special program developed by "Miss" Kathy for pre-schoolers, ages 3 to young 5's (not yet in kindergarten).  Although ballet is recommended for every student because it is the foundation for all forms of dance, it is never "required" that a student take ballet in order to take other dance forms.  

The philosophy at En Pointe is to meet each child at his/her point of interest believing that they will discover for themselves the importance of ballet IF they plan to take their dancing to a more serious level.  En Pointe also never requires that a student take more classes than desired.  
For those dancers wishing to add more dance to their schedule, there are many opportunities for additional classes.  As students move into their intermediate levels of ballet, evaluations are given yearly by teachers in an effort to begin to set goals for those who want to pursue a more serious path of study.