Pricing and Studio Policies



REGISTRATION FEE                                                         $35 Non-Refundable Fee
                                                                                          $15 each additional child (in same family)

1st month's tuition is required of all NEW students at the time of registration.
Hours are calculated per family. This allows families with more than one child to combine hours & receive a discounted tuition rate. 

                                                           Time Per Week                                   Cost Per Month

45 minutes                                              $50.00
                                                                1 hour                                                      $60.00                                                                                               1-1/4 hours                                             $70.00
                                                                1-1/2 hours                                             $80.00
                                                                1-3/4 hours                                             $90.00
                                                                2 hours                                                   $100.00                                                                                             2-1/4 hours                                            $115.00
                                                                2-1/2 hours                                            $130.00
                                                                2-3/4 hours                                            $140.00
                                                                3 hours                                                   $150.00
                                                                3-1/4 hours                                            $165.00
                                                                3-1/2 hours                                            $180.00
                                                                3-3/4 hours                                            $190.00
                                                                4 hours                                                   $200.00
                                                                4-1/4 hours                                            $215.00
                                                                4-1/2 hours                                            $230.00
                                                                4-3/4 hours                                            $240.00
                                                                5 hours                                                   $250.00
                                                                Over 5 hours                                         $40.00 per hour

Unlimited classes (1 dancer)- $260.00
Family of two maximum tuition- $460.00
Family of 3 or more maximum tuition- $560.00

Additional Fees:                                    
Costume fee (due November 15th)- $80
Recital fee (due April 15th)- $50 for the first dancer, $25 additional dancers (family max $100)
Inclement weather policy:
En Pointe will close for inclement weather when the need arises. Closings will be posted on our website and on our Facebook page.
Tuition & Payment Policies:
En Pointe tuition is based on an entire season of dance. Our Season runs from September 8th, 2020 - May 29, 2021. Monthly tuition is not based on the number of classes in a month or attendance. We guarantee a minimum of 30 classes per season for each class; however, if the season runs as scheduled, each class will meet 32-35 times this season. Therefore, if we are forced to close due to unforeseen circumstances (including but not limited to weather, hurricanes, epidemics, pandemics, state of emergency, etc.), and classes do not fall below the minimum of 30 meetings, we will not make them up. Please understand that we cannot be responsible for acts of Mother Nature or other unforeseen circumstances. Class cancellations do to unforeseen circumstances do not affect your monthly tuition. There is NO refund for missed classes due to personal reasons as we are happy to provide you a choice in a make-up class.  However, the school is under no obligation to provide make-up classes for absences that are not the fault of the school.
You may pay the entire season in full or divide it up into 9 monthly installments. All installments are due the 1st of each month and will be automatically billed to the card on file on the 1st of each month. Failure to submit payment before the 15th of the month results in an additional $10 late fee. This late fee also applies to declined charges for cards on file for any reason or returned checks.
If you pay the entire season in full prior to September 30, 2020, you will receive a 10% discount. Please note: if you pay your dancer's tuition for the full season and withdraw from classes for any reason, a 25% penalty will be applied to your refund. 
All monthly tuition payments, recital Fees, and costume fees will be auto-billed to the card on file on the date they are due: tuition will be automatically billed on the 1st of each month, costume fee will be automatically billed on November 15, 2020, and recital fee will be automatically billed on April 15, 2021. 
We accept cash, check, MC, VISA, DISCOVER, and AMEX.
Withdrawal Policy:
If your dancer needs to withdrawal from classes mid-season, a 30-day written notice via email is required. Please email to withdrawal from the season. After the 30-day notice, we will terminate your monthly installments, or, if a full year was paid, we will issue a refund of the remaining installments minus the 25% penalty.
Studio Rules:
Please have your child on time for class and be prompt in picking up your child at the end of class. Neither the school nor its staff can be responsible for students left beyond their class time. Prior arrangements must be made with the teacher if you expect to be late for pick-up. If you pick up your child late from the last class of the day, there will be a $5 charge after the first 10 minutes you are late and an additional $5 charge for each 15 minutes following. Payment is to be made to the teacher for her time spent babysitting your child.
No chewing gum, cough drops, or food are allowed in the class. Water must be in a spill-proof container.
No cell phone usage is allowed during class time. If cell phones are inside the dance studio, they must be stored in a dance bag and turned off or on silent.
Please see the dress code for proper class attire.
Parents are always welcome to express comments or concerns. However, to avoid delaying the start of another class, it may be best to request that the teacher or “Miss” Kathy contact you at home. You can also leave notes in the payment box for any staff member. Be assured that if there is any reason a teacher feels she needs to discuss your child’s progress, she will contact you.

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